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Are you eligible to play for Britain?

The criteria

British Basketball can point to a wealth of talented players based at home and abroad and competition for places will be strong.

The goal is to prove our competitiveness in Europe, starting 2006, so that we earn our place in the London Olympics 2012.

We are interested to hear from any players who are eligible and who can add to the strength of our Men’s and Women’s Senior and Under 20 squads over this period.

Fill out the information below in full and click the submit button. We will contact you on receipt so please include a valid email address.

For information regarding player eligibility, please visit the

One thought on “Play for Britain

  1. troy joseph

    My name is troy joseph and my wife nicola joseph wanted to know more about your youth basketball teams. We both played college basketball and i played professionally.

    We have 2 kids (daughter and son) who were born Americans but my wife is a British citizen and i a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Both of our kids are extremely skilled and would love for them to play for Britan in the coming years.

    Please give us a call at 561-324-0534 (nicola) or 561-302-5028 (troy) to discuss the possibilities?

    thanks and looking forward to a long term friendship.

    Troy Joseph


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