College Basketball

In June, the newly formed NCAA College Basketball Academy had five more evaluation days in July, but did so without any changes to the way it was run. According to a report by the NCAA Office of the Director of Athletics, there were an additional six days in June for school administrators who chose to host the event and four more for those who chose not to. The elimination of the two-day evaluation period for high schools and the three-hour evaluation day for colleges left only two days of evaluation time per school, compared with the previous 21 days.
1, was beaten by Evansville, and two weeks later was stopped by Stephen F. Austin, but beat them again with a buzzer-beating victory in the first round of the NCAA tournament. 2 seed and was a 25-point underdog in his first NCAA tournament game against a top-10 team, according to Oddsmakers.
The game is a no-guarantee buy in the game, which is good news for the Power – conference schools that want to expand their portfolio of home games that they can put into season-ticket packages.
If the game goes as expected for the home team, the host school can host it as a home game. In fact, of the schools surveyed, there were more games that were decided by 50 points or more than 43 – ball possession. The average winning margin in those games was 43.5 points per game, or an average of 2.7 points.
Among the schools studied, the biggest win was a 50-point win by Mississippi State over Texas A & M in the 2012-13 season. The biggest loss for the host school was an 82-71 loss to Texas Tech in an off-conference game in 2013.
Maryland Eastern Shore alone played 11 buy-in games out of 126 schools surveyed, and the MEAC, which currently occupies last place in the conference rankings, played at the other end of that spectrum of buy-in games. We found that the schools that bought game-goers: Virginia Tech, Florida State, North Carolina, Texas A & M, Mississippi State and Texas Tech.
Kentucky played nine conference games without a guarantee, while LSU, UCLA and Virginia Tech each had eight.
Instead, the Huskies worked with video conferencing platform Zoom to build relationships with potential recruits and give them all the information they needed. The NCAA’s revised recruiting rules have forced school officials to think about new scouting methods and find new ways to convince top recruits that their program is best for them. Last week, the NCAA announced that it was temporarily extending its mortuary period for recruits until May 31 from COVID-19 to May 31.
Daryn Freedman, a tournament director at the AAU, said the athletes he helps during the recruitment process already seem a little burned out by the virtual approach. With more elite players flocking to the G, NBA, and overseas leagues, the current transfer rules could help shape the future landscape of college basketball.
When it comes to transfers, such as academic requirements and policies, it is about more than just rosters. And we must not forget those who are not forced to sit out a year because they sit out their last year.
There’s a good chance Illinois transfer Alan Griffin will get a waiver from the NCAA not to sit out, and Hughes is entering the NBA draft. This could lead to many more waivers, as the COVID-19 pandemic affects school recruitment for the next class of players, and may play a role in whether or not the NCAA is more lenient with players’ wishes. Five-star recruits, steered by their fate and deriding draft prospects, will definitely have an impact on college basketball’s talent pool.
That means Girard and Boeheim will be two of the top guards in the ACC, and if you look outside the conference, players like De’Aaron Fox, D’Angelo Russell, DeAndre Jordan, and DeMarcus Cousins also follow the pro rankings.
It is understandable that a decorated prospect like Girard is keen to make his mark at college level, and expectations will continue to rise. JG3 was built to teach us something, but he’s also one of the most talented guards in the country right now, so if anything teaches us anything, it’s those expectations.
It was an eye-and-ear treat for the freshman point guard to see the reigning national champion’s defensive reputation up close, and he continued his best performance of the season with a victory over Michigan State. Girard’s “Welcome to College Basketball” moment came in the second half of his first game against the Wolverines, a 76-72 victory.
Terry has put the NBA on hold this season, and Stanford is putting the league under pressure with its first-ever Pac-12 championship game. He finished the game scoring 14 points on 5-of-11 shooting and 4-for-5 from the free throw line against the Orange. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound guard got his first taste of college basketball, scoring 20 points, making him one of the most talented talents to advance to the Pac-12 next season.